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What You Can Learn From the All About You Assessment

What You Can Learn From the All About You Assessment

A lot of employers feel pretty good about the employees they choose to hire. But there is a chance they will discover later on that certain individuals really aren’t a good fit for their companies. This can pose many problems, including:

  • Causing the team to become inefficient.
  • Experiencing a lack of productivity.
  • Problems with communication among the team members.
  • Controversies that are difficult to resolve.
  • A poor experience for the employee.

Not to mention that when employers regret the decision to hire a particular employee, terminating their employment presents its own challenges. Many business owners end up losing money because they hired someone they never should have hired.

Of course, on the flip side, it can be very helpful to know an employee’s strengths and weaknesses. This valuable information can lead to better placement within the team; a situation in which both the employer and the employee benefit.

At Resoniv Group, we feel that gaining valuable insight into each prospective employee is vital. That is why we offer our All About You Assessment.

The All About You Assessment will open your eyes regarding your prospect’s potential. It could also serve as a warning to help you avoid hiring someone who might not be a good fit. Let’s take a closer look at what you will experience with this helpful tool.

The Individual’s Behaviors

Your prospect may have interviewed very well, and you may even be impressed with how they presented themselves. Still, in order to be effective in their position, they need to understand themselves even more. This portion of the assessment indicates their strengths and weaknesses, and how both impact their behaviors.

It is important to find out how the person typically responds to problems. You will also gain helpful insight into how they work with others people and influence them. This section will give you a good indication of how they deal with rules and procedures as well.

Their Driving Forces

The idea behind this section of the assessment is determining why. More specifically, why the person is motivated to act in a particular way. What is it that drives them?

This section of the assessment can help people build on strengths that are unique to them. It will uncover what they are passionate about, and allow you to integrate that into their work. It can also help you determine whether someone else on your team might have a driving force that would present a conflict. This is extremely valuable information that every leader should have.

Knowing what drives them will also cause them to see others a bit differently. It will allow them to understand what others’ driving forces might be, which can make for an overall better team member.

The Integration of Both

The integration section will be vital for you as an employer. It will successfully blend the how and the why together. This is ultimately what results in job satisfaction and performance.

Every employer should understand their potential employees’ behavioral and motivational strengths. They should also have insight into any potential conflicts that could develop along the way.

Integrating the prospect’s driving forces and behaviors will indicate their ideal work environment. It will also show the employer what the best ways to motivate and manage them are.

The Person’s Competencies

During the interview, the prospective employee told you what they felt they would contribute to your organization. How can you know they were being honest? In a perfect world, everyone would be completely transparent. Unfortunately, that is not the reality of the world we live in. What’s more, the prospect may not be aware of all that they are able to contribute. Learning about their competencies will allow both of you to have more insight into their unique abilities.

Many employers have a lot of questions when they first take on new recruits. This section will help you answer questions like:

  • How is this person at organization and planning?
  • How developed are they as a leader?
  • How flexible are they?
  • How well do they communicate with other people?
  • Are they focused on customer satisfaction?
  • Do they struggle with remaining personally accountable?

Knowing the answers to these questions may influence your hiring decision, or it could give you more insight into where to place the prospect to help them grow.

It is a pleasure for us to offer this assessment to you. We’re confident that you will find it to be an integral part of your hiring process.

Do you have questions, or would you like to learn more? Please contact us!

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