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We understand the challenges of business owners and executive level leaders.

Our goal is to turn your challenges into opportunities. Resoniv Group has designed the most comprehensive process to help you achieve a stronger and more productive workforce, a more confident approach, and a competitive advantage to achieve better results across the board.

Our clients are dedicated to improving their businesses, their leadership, their workforce, and their communities. Their willingness to apply the time and effort for the pursuit of excellence is what makes us different.

Superior Insights

Superior InsightsResoniv Group is continually adding professionals from all business sectors and trades to make our Co-op Consulting group stronger and more diverse. Those in this group have experienced and overcome almost every problem or barrier that businesses can encounter. On top of the Co-op Coaching and Consulting available we have The Resoniv Advisory Board which is a “think tank" with some of the greatest business minds from our region.  When you become a client the advisory board is available to help and encourage you and your company.

Superior Sales

Superior SalesGreat leadership creates a great culture and great employees. Our Job Benchmarking will keep you in a winning position especially when coupled with our employee Assessments, Personal Development Plans, and Coaching. Positive company culture will dominate as your investment brings about your expected return.

Superior Leaders

Superior LeadersThe demands of leadership change as your company grows and new challenges arise. The Resoniv Group helps you identify new skills, competencies and training you may need as a growing and effective leader. Our Leadership Challenge service will challenge you and move you.  Always grow, never stop!

Superior Results

Superior ResultsCompetition is fierce and comes from all directions which can make growth more challenging. The Resoniv Group process works from the top down and is guaranteed to bring superior results or we don’t take your money. It’s that simple!

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