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No Leader Enjoys It but Great Leaders Won’t Avoid It


So how do we flip the script on confrontation?

Be compassionate with the individual:

I have found that more times than not that a confrontation is usually born from a communication breakdown. Compassion will almost always bring clarification and unity back to the vision. Compassion delivered from a leader is not weak and it is usually effective.

Be forthright, honest, and direct:

Don’t put a bandaid on the breakdowns. Temporary fixes only delay a larger confrontation. Without clear and honest leading a problem will take a turn to the worse. People need the truth to grow and change for greatness.

Be specific, don’t drop hints:

Company culture is always doomed without a shared vision. Shared vision only comes with precise and specific communication. If leaders drop hints they leave people to connect the dots and vision will never be accomplished.

Be clear about the consequences:

Great leaders establish rules! Without rules, there is no road to the vision. People will always respect the rules if they respect the consequences. Don’t toy around without consequences. Be clear and be steadfast in establishing and enforcing rules.

Be redemptive and communicate to restore:

When a leader restores he gains a true follower. Many of the greatest employees are those that have experienced redemption and restoration. Leaders get extreme respect and honor from these individuals.

Be hopeful and speak vision for the future: 

People want to be a part of a shared vision. Without vision, the people perish, without vision the people run wild, and without vision, the people stumble all over themselves. No leader can be successful without speaking vision and creating buy-in to that vision. A vision should be a spoken and integral part of each day and every person in order to establish and maintain a winning culture.

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