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Are You A Transformational Leader?

How does your character define you? Anytime you break a moral principle or go against your beliefs you create a crack in the foundation of your character. When times get tough it is more difficult to act with character and…

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True Success Requires A Coach

If you want to be successful, look around at successful people. How do they achieve their success? There are typically five factors that lead them to their success. First, they dreamed a dream. One of the requirements of being successful…

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No Leader Enjoys It but Great Leaders Won’t Avoid It

CONFRONTATION! So how do we flip the script on confrontation? Be compassionate with the individual: I have found that more times than not that a confrontation is usually born from a communication breakdown. Compassion will almost always bring clarification and…

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You Should Know the Top 5 Performance Traits

Some people seem to just have “it.” While it may be difficult to identify what the “it factor” actually is, certain people just seem to possess quite a bit of it. What sets these people apart from others? What traits of…

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