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Are You A Transformational Leader?

How does your character define you?

Anytime you break a moral principle or go against your beliefs you create a crack in the foundation of your character. When times get tough it is more difficult to act with character and integrity if you don’t have that solid foundation. Character is not created during a crisis it is revealed. Everything that you have built in the past will come to light in these times and determine the outcome of your situation.

Transformational leaders have courage, passion, wisdom, competency, and self-discipline in their leadership arsenal.


From a business perspective, courage is having strong convictions about the objectives of the company and being prepared to harness the minds of workers and company resources to achieve those objectives. There are no second-place getters in this approach. Courage is not constrained by fear of the unknown.

  1. Fearless outward display and conviction
  2. Perseverance attracts followers
  3. Successful decisions
  4. Create winners with courage


Passion is about energy and deeply committed enthusiasm to producing the best. In business, passion is an indicator of a company’s principles and helps others identify the vision of the organization.

  1. Passion creates excitement!
  2. Passion will attract followers
  3. Create strength with your passion
  4. Strength will make your followers winners


Wisdom is the ability to draw on your knowledge and experience to make well-formed judgments. It also involves the use of your power and personal authority to implement a positive course of action.

  1. Pray for wisdom
  2. Wisdom is key to character
  3. Wisdom will always attract followers
  4. Wisdom brings victory


Leaders need to be competent in order to maintain the confidence of others. They need to be experts in something to the extent that their expertise demands the respect of followers.

  1. Competence is necessary for developing courage
  2. Competence can be developed using wisdom
  3. Competence is acquired through study and apprenticeship
  4. Competence will attract followers


Great leaders will exercise appropriate control over their thoughts and actions. They are able to manage and express emotions in constructive ways. They are well organized and able to persist in the face of difficulties. Through self-discipline, leaders build confidence in their followers that they can be relied upon to make good decisions. As a result their ability to influence others increases.

  1. This too can be learned
  2. Develop this on a daily basis
  3. Who are you when you are alone – improve his
  4. Who do you spend time with and allow to influence you
  5. What things are you investing in our life
  6. Self-discipline will always attract followers and create success

Be a transformational leader. Practice being a leader in all situations of your life. Invest in yourself every day and you will learn to motivate people with your character. Push people to become winners with your character and by your investment in them.

The Resoniv Group wants to drive you to be the best leader you can be. Our Leadership Practices Inventory is a great tool to transform your leadership effectiveness.

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