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Leadership is changing. Gone are the days when it was just about the CEO or Director at the top of the organization or department. Today’s leadership is about everyone in the organization, whether business, government, or non-profit.

From the solo-entrepreneur, to the fortune 500 CEO, to the government worker, the Resoniv Group is dedicated to helping individual leaders and teams develop and grow their business or organization through training, coaching, leadership development, consulting, accountability, support, and much more.

We are all about developing and investing in people and have been helping businesses and government leaders address their most pressing challenges for years. Our passion is to create energy and enthusiasm to produce the best results. Through trials and experience, we’ve designed the most comprehensive approach to help you achieve a competitive advantage.

When you have a developed a healthy foundation in leadership, a variety of things become possible: better decision-making, more confidence, heightened morale, increased creativity and vision, greater patience, better listening, interest in working together, and more.

We have found the only way to create great results, longevity, and prosperity in a continually transforming market is by influencing and leading people. Our passion, drive, and experience will bring positive results to any company, no matter what size or how well rooted and established.

Depending on your needs, timeframe, and budget, we can customize a leadership development training program for the employees, managers, and workers at your organization, or you can choose from one of our established programs or products.

Jeff Redner, Founder & CEO

We develop and inspire leaders in 8 streams of influence for transformational impact.









Experienced Leadership

Jeff Redner

Founder & CEO

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Jeff Redner and his wife Julia have four children and nine grandchildren. They reside in Horseheads, New York.

Jeff is founder and CEO of the Resoniv Group which provides executive coaching and consulting in corporate, small business and Christian environments. He is also member of the John Maxwell Team, the world’s most influential leadership and coaching group.

Jeff has been a business owner since 1985. He is owner of New Britain Roofing Company, which is a Top 100 commercial roofing and sheet metal company operating in the United States. He also owns and operates Horseheads Roofing and Sheetmetal, Kingdom Powerwash, and Kingdom Crane Company.

Jeff and his wife are Kingdom minded and believe in training up Kingdom leaders. They are Senior Pastors at The Way Center Church in Elmira Heights, NY and they are the founders of TWC Ministries, Inc. which has extensive operations in Liberia, West Africa as well as Uganda, Philippines, and the United States.

Jeff believes in applying his leadership principles across all of his relationships. He attributes his personal, business, and ministry success first to God and second to his commitment in building and investing in people. Jeff and his wife have a strong desire and commitment to propel the Kingdom of God through training, and encouraging business and church leaders that want to do the same.

Jeff has authored three books, Success Is Your Lifestyle, Leadership Non-Negotiables and Character; The Driver of Effective Leadership. His personal mantra is this, “The more I help others reach their destiny the closer I get to mine”.

Robert T. Woart II

Vice President

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Robert T. Woart II is a pastor, a coach, a motivational speaker, and a leadership expert. He has served as the Executive Director with The Professional School of Leadership in Liberia.

Robert is currently an Executive Board member of the TWC Companies Inc., Director of Cooperate Vision with TWC Ministries, and the visionary Pastor of the House of Royalty City Church in Paynesville City, Liberia.

He is a seasoned executive planner, teacher, writer, and has served many organizations at the top executive level. Presently, he serves as Vice President of the Resoniv Group in Liberia.

He is passionate about helping people and executives reach their full potential as well as increasing productivity in the business place and workforce. He is an excellent conference speaker and team coach.

Robert is married to Elaine S. Woart and together they have six children. He loves to keep people smiling and to encourage people to raise their expectations for higher achievements.

Eric Roberts

Vice President

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Eric Roberts was born in Monrovia, Liberia. Eric is a businessman, a coach, and a Pastor. He established the City of Praise Church in Buchanan City, Liberia in 2010.  He has trained many Pastors, Evangelists, and Ministers of the Gospel.

Eric Roberts graduated from Nathan E. Gibson Memorial Academy before attending Vision University Bible College where he received a bachelor’s degree in Theology.  He presently is studying Public Administration at the University of Liberia.

Eric is currently serving as the Vice President of TWC Ministries, the fastest growing ministry in Liberia. He is a Vice President of the Resoniv Group, a John Maxwell Certified coaching and consulting company operating in the USA and Liberia.

He also serves on the Board of Directors of TWC Companies which operates many business units within Liberia.

Eric provides leadership training twice per week for the people of Liberia on the National Radio Station. He is happily married to Benetta Roberts and their union is blessed with five beautiful children.